Whose nook?!

This site belongs to one Ms. Megha Vishwanath. Oh and there are famous namesakes, so, this is her:

FB_IMG_1448599669666Megha is a digital artist and illustrator.

She’s self taught and her style of creating art is exploratory and uninhibited.  While Megha most enjoys creating illustrating the random ideas that pop in her head, her commissioned work spans a gamut of children’s books, book covers, branding content, magazines, merchandise, comics, web banners and so on.

Some of her illustrations have been published by Current Conservation, Katha, Pratham Books (for Storyweaver.org), Captain Bijli Comics and self published authors.

Up for most challenges, her current penchant is for imaginative realism, comics  and scientific drawing.

She is currently based in Bangalore, INDIA  can be reached at megha.vishwanath(at)gmail(dot)com and continues to respond to mails to neoWarli(at)gmail(dot)com as well.

There was once a neoWarli.com and now there’s more than Warli!

Here’s a quick flashback over the past years:

Visual Resume

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